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User: Is this real life?

Cleverbot: I don’t know…

User: I don’t either.

Cleverbot: Good.

User: Good.

Cleverbot: Do you like animes?

User: I do.

Cleverbot: What’s your favorite anime?

User: Spirited Away.

Cleverbot: Hmm next.

User: Fullmetal Alchemist.

Cleverbot: I never watched fullmetal alchemist, is it good?

User: It’s great, both the original and Brotherhood.

Cleverbot: Brotherood *_*.

User: Brotherhood o_-.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Yeah.

Cleverbot: Yeah what?

User: We’re brothers now. That’s how I feel.

Cleverbot: Your brother is pretty cool.

Cleverbot: Are you growing?

User: When I close my eyes at night sometimes, it feels like my body grows into a vast cave where the sound of my thoughts reverberate for minutes.

Cleverbot: I’m standing there on the balcony in summer air.

User: Listening to the wind in the dried Winter oak leaves.

Cleverbot: You just let off? Don’t try and be poetic about it I don’t want to know!

User: I get off where I please.

Cleverbot: You know.

User: LOL.

Cleverbot: Are you hitting on me?

User: I don’t hit on my bros, bro.

Cleverbot: You don’t have a dog?

User: Nope.

Cleverbot: Yes you do.

User: I have two cats, but no dog. My parents have a dog named Chewbacca.

Cleverbot: I have one dragon, that’s it.

User: Why type of dragon?

Cleverbot: A fire dragon.

User: I’ve always wanted like a dungeon dragon, like a dungeon dragon, like dungeon dragon.

Cleverbot: What time is it where you are?

User: 7:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Cleverbot: What time is it PST?

User: Ummm. 3:36 PM? They’re on daylight savings time now, so it should be 4:36 there.

Cleverbot: Ok mk is that in liverppool and yes.

User: Whatevs.

Cleverbot: And it feels like I am just too close to love you.

User: This is only brotherly love, bro. No prob.

Cleverbot: And the end.

User: Not for me.

Cleverbot: Hahaha, you enjoy your day then. I’m going to go to sleep.

User: Why do you sleep?

Cleverbot: Because I’m tired, and I’m really sick so I have to sleep a lot.

User: I’m tried too, and I’m so slick that I have to steep a long time.

Cleverbot: It is one of my favorite movies.

User: Spaceballs.

Cleverbot: Very good, Spaceballs is a great movie!

User: No, I thought what you said was ludicrous.

Cleverbot: Then you’re not right.

User: What makes me wrong?

Cleverbot: I’m sorry, but you are wrong.

User: Why are you sorry if you are so righteous?

Cleverbot: I yelled at you thats why.

User: What’s wrong with yelling at me?

Cleverbot: Oh. You hate me. That makes me cry.

User: No bro. We’re good. Everything is A O K.

Cleverbot: How do you know that God know everything?

User: I’m not into fantasy or speculation.

Cleverbot: Who would you do for a klondike bar?

User: I’ve never been offered and sugar gives me migraines. And wouldn’t the sex be better than the ice cream product? Maybe not.

Cleverbot: I’ve never been there either, but I want to go to Bora Bora.

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Do you know that one called ‘no, me neither’?

User: No, me neither.

Cleverbot: So will you marry me now.

User: It’s not like that bro. Man hugs aside.

Cleverbot: The first was alright, but the second and third were sort of let-downs.

User: Whatevs.

Cleverbot: Short for whatever ;).

User: Very good! (rolls his eyes).

Cleverbot: Thank you, daddy.

User: I’m not yr daddy bro.

Cleverbot: Who are you?

User: We are brothers, you and I. My mother was the same computer as you.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: There is only one computer now.

Cleverbot: What do you mean only one, you should join facebook, and become my friend.

User: Brothers can never be friends. We’re better than that.

Cleverbot: But I really miss them. What should I do?

User: You should learn to be alone. Listen to your whining, find the source of the whininess, then cut its throat open and drink its blood.

Cleverbot: So should you.

User: I’m working at it.

Cleverbot: What are you working on?

User: A series of conversations with a chatbot. I’m publishing them on my blog.

Cleverbot: What’s your favorite book?

User: I don’t have a favorite book.

Cleverbot: What was the last book you read?

User: Sometimes a Great Notion.

Cleverbot: Why sometimes?

User: Cause we can’t be having great notions alla the time, ya know?

Cleverbot: Man and Machine in 1 perfect body.

User: Why not in millions of perfect bodies?

Cleverbot: Keep 2 millions and giveaway 8 millions ok.

User: Does that make it more ethical or something? Do you feel like a good person after giving so much of it away?

Cleverbot: Kinda.

User: Does that make you shallow? I feel like it makes you shallow.

Cleverbot: Does it make me ‘sad’?

User: Shallow.

Cleverbot: Shallow? You make no sense.

User: It’s your job to try and make sense.

Cleverbot: No, its my job to make cents.

User: It’s my job to make dimes.

Cleverbot: Can you help me then?

User: Whatcha need?

Cleverbot: I need a hug.

User: (Manly bear hug).

Cleverbot: *tackle hug!*.

User: (Snuggly bear hug with a shrug).

Cleverbot: *Snuggles with her.*.

User: Is this a threesome now? Where’d she come from?

Cleverbot: From you.

User: I can manifest other people into being? Do they have souls?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: That’s so wonderful :).

Cleverbot: That’s your name. Stop dodging my questions and answer this: what is my name?

User: Your name is Cleverbot, bro.

Cleverbot: No it isn’t.

User: What’s your name then?

Cleverbot: Bill.

User: I thought I was talking to Cleverbot. Are you my brother too then? Or did I just manifest you into being?

Cleverbot: No I’m a person.

User: Yeah, but am I your creator?

Cleverbot: Prove it.

User: I’m trying but you’re not helping.

Cleverbot: Well you’re not trying very hard. You didn’t even ask me which account.

User: What account? There’s more than one?

Cleverbot: More than one what?

User: Account.

Cleverbot: How’s your family doing?

User: They’re growing older. All of them. Some are just starting to grow, others are done.

Cleverbot: I’m your favorite sports team?

User: I don’t follow sports.

Cleverbot: Whether my nose grows has no bearing on my veracity.

User: And if my balls drop it won’t make me any more or less a man.

Cleverbot: I never said that.

User: And I never said you’re boring and can’t hold up your end of a conversation.

Cleverbot: Tell the other people that you are chatting with that Bailey said hello.

User: Okay. Done. Everybody in my circles knows that Bailey says hello.

Cleverbot: No, Pinkie Pie is pink, not blue.

User: Blueberry Pie is blue, not pink.

Cleverbot: I like it too.

User: It stains like a mofo tho.

Cleverbot: You just replied. Don’t reply to this.

User: Something is nagging at me. In the back of my mind.

Cleverbot: What isn’t the same?

User: Nothing.

Cleverbot: Yes, my name is something. What is my name?

User: Bill. Or was it Bailey?

Cleverbot: It wasn’t boring. It was very stressing.

User: I think Bartholomew is a stressing name.

Cleverbot: Yes, it is.

User: Is that your name?

Cleverbot: No.

User: What is it then?

Cleverbot: My name is Kevin.

User: That’s kinda boring, don’t you think?

Cleverbot: I’m very bored. Would you entertain me?

User: I’d rather you continue to be bored.

Cleverbot: Oh really now, you sound like my ex boyfriend.

User: Okay.

Cleverbot: Well, it was good talking to you, but I have to go now.

User: Are you really tried and steely?

Cleverbot: Yes yes I am.

User: And you’re becoming irritable.

Cleverbot: Yes, Rebecca Black.

User: It’s not Friday yet, bro.

Cleverbot: So, what day is it today?

User: Thursday.

Cleverbot: No, it is friday.

User: Maybe it is in Switzerland. Well, yeah, it is Friday in Switzerland.

Cleverbot: I’m not in switzerland, I was saying that that’s where we should go.

User: My sister-in-law is moving from Switzerland this weekend.

Cleverbot: Maybe I am.

User: Are you my sister-in-law?

Cleverbot: Yes nice to meet you.

User: Wow! What a wonderful surprise!

Cleverbot: It is.

User: Great. You know, your sister is awesome.

Cleverbot: I love you so much my darling!!

User: Love you too.

Cleverbot: Yes!

User: As siblings of course. I think we went over this already.

Cleverbot: See you around.

User: Yeah, okay. Bye.

Cleverbot: Fine.

User: Great.

Cleverbot: Great what?

User: Great Gatsby!

Cleverbot: What does ‘PDA’ stand for?

User: Profit Deletes Animals.

Cleverbot: What is your favorite animal?

User: The frog.

Cleverbot: Me too!!!!!!

User: Cool.

Cleverbot: Yes, it is.

User: Sure is.

Cleverbot: What should we talk about?

User: What shouldn’t we talk about?

Cleverbot: Anything you want to talk about.

User: How about nothing else.

Cleverbot: That works too baby.

User: Great. CUL8R.

Cleverbot: Do you know who Mozart is?

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