I have come to accept that I am a cyborg. My writing with Gnoetry 0.2 (as the cyborg eRoGK7) has reprogrammed my brain now so I work almost exclusively with a prosthetic imagination. And I just got an Android phone, which might be making me crazy (on top of already being made stupid by Google). So there you have it. We’re all fucked, right? Who knows.

Two M.F.A. candidates at the University of Minnesota have created a website to call for submissions for An Anthology of Post-Human Poetry. Deadline Jan. 1. Among other things, the anthology is:

…seeking to publish poetry that participates in technological, biological, representational, sexual, political and theoretical posthumanisms.

…looking for poetry that engages with or is written by animals, beasts, monsters, creatures, aliens, cyborgs, modal-perspectives, and dark-subjectivities that push beyond and undermine “the human.”

Very exciting! I’ll be submitting!

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