It’s Shampoo: a poetry magazine. I was looking for a listing of K. Silem Mohammad’s books, and I found two poems of his from Shampoo 14, October 2002. Honestly, I came to blog right after I found the mag, so don’t blame me if you don’t like it. I haven’t formed an opinion yet. It’s been going for a good while now, web-wise.

abrahamlincoln1.jpgOn a related note, I’ve made it most of the way through the delightful and often bawdy content of Abraham Lincoln #1, edited by K. Silem Mohammad and Anne Boyer. It describes itself as “42 JUICY PAGES of poetry printed on the cheapest paper available and clumsily stapled for your reading pleasure,” an assessment I fully agree with. The first issue appears to be sold out now, but I highly recommend getting future issues. A subscription’s cheap, and it’s a great read, if you like that kind of thing (and I do).

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