I’ve set up a new blog with WordPress for posting on the Markov Chaining process I use to write poems. It’s called Mindless Carnage & Wonder At Death, and it’s at It will be a place for me to display the full process I use as well as wonder about the poetics of it. I’m also hoping for it to be a place where other users (or beta testers, I suppose) can get info and give their feedback on the program, too. Once I get my brother’s permission (which will hopefully be secured this afternoon) I am planning to post the python script and installation instructions for the program on the new blog too, for those of y’all interested in using it. I’m going to make some screenshots in a minute so you can see what it is (it’s a command line program, so it’s not very exciting).

So, this blog is going to remain what it is, a place for my political and literary links and ramblings.

0 thoughts on “Gettin Serious: New Markov Chain Blog

  1. You have to keep the long title so that when you become famous, you can always have your title referred to in toto at the beginning of the article. It will be long enough, however, so that trendy people will call it the short title.

    Because I know all you want in life is to be trendy…

  2. Tom! It’s good to know that you still read the blog. How’s Reno treating you (if you’re even there yet)? Hey, do you have a blog somewhere? What is it?

    And Now, Composing Himself And Finally Responding To Tommbert’s Comment:

    Yes, trendy as ever, I think your advice is dead on. I’ll take it!

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