It’s been a while since I posted. The holidays and the new semester have kept me busy enough to not pay any attention to my blogs. Since I finished my chapbook of poems using Gnoetry and Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, I’ve felt a bit burnt out. I’m still awaiting word back from Eric Elshtain and Beard of Bees publishing about the chapbook, but I hope to hear back this month sometime. I’ve never submitted something so large before, nor have I submitted online, so I really don’t know what to expect.

Sometime soon I hope to post an adaptation of the essay I wrote on Zizek and American Buddhist p0etry. It’s still pretty rough, and nowhere near being fully fleshed out. Writing it brought engaged Buddhism to my attention, though, something which I had not looked into at all before. I’ll hold off any opinions about it until I’ve read more on it.

The Bush era has finally ended, even though its repercussions will certainly be felt for years still. I’m glad to see a black president, and I really hope it turns out to be a real turning point for this country, and not only a symbolic spectacle.

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