I hope this will be the last post for a while on my “problems.” A year into them, I think I’ve figured out what is not going on with me, what probably is, and what I need to do to address them. I’m writing this more for my own records than for anything else.

For two weeks up until last Wednesday, I had been on a migraine medication, which also happened to be a blood-pressure drug. What is usually a drug with a high success rate in lessening migraines and a low risk of side-effects gradually became another medication disaster for me. Only a few weeks after a strong mood reaction to Ceftin, an anti-biotic, I now was dealing with another mood/personality issue from a medication.

The drug, Inderal, apparently had accumulated in my system over those two weeks and caused my blood pressure to drop significantly. This caused physical and mental problems: feverishness, fatigue, disorientation, sweating, numbness in my arms, personality changes, mood swings, and, it seems, problems remembering. Several days after going off the drug, my mind and body began to return to normal, albeit a bit fried and sore. But, now that I’m off the drug–which did stop my headaches–I have to deal with the nearly daily migraine headaches.

It’s become clear now that I am getting more and worse migraines now than before I came to Purdue. It’s also becoming clear that I have stress management issues that are making it worse. I’m not taking any more prescription drugs right now: I’m just too sensitive to them. I’m taking an herbal medicine, feverfew, which was recommended to me for migraine. I’m not sure if it’s helping yet, but I am feeling no side effects (or effects at all) at this point. I’m also waking up at 7 every morning and either exercising or meditating.

If I have even a shred of discipline in me, this should help me out considerably. I’m really beginning to love teaching, so I need to get my stress under control and get on with my life.

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