Last week I had tagged Clemens’ appearance before Congress as just another obstruction in my way to getting some decent news coverage of world events (all the TV networks were filled with clips and commentary).  It had replaced my annoyance at the unending coverage of the primaries for a few short lived days.

Kudos to Chad for pointing out this article by Hart Seely at, “The Poetry of Roger Clemens: The Rocket’s Collected Works.”  Now this minor annoyance has been transformed into a mild amusement. After the initial period of enjoyment, though, it threw me briefly in bemoaning-the-current-state-of-poetry mode.  Many bad poems are not much more complicated or carefully crafted than the lineated speech of this baseball star defending his reputation.

Ah well.  Enjoy it, and try not to think too hard about it.

0 thoughts on “ “The Poetry of Roger Clemens”

  1. perhaps we could just work on lineating the comments of various sports stars and publishing it as “experimental” Perhaps really go apeshit and have word-clusters scattered all over the page, just like balls in the outfield during batting practice…

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