As a fan (and unpublished participant?) of the Flarf movement in poetry (see here and here for more about that) (oh, and here’s a flarf poem I wrote earlier this week), I was delighted when my friend Seth pointed me to this gem at Ubuweb: SoundThe People’s Choice Music. Here’s part of the description from the Ubuweb page:

With the collaboration of composer Dave Soldier, Komar & Melamid’s Most Wanted Painting project was extended into the realm of music. A poll, written by Dave Soldier, was conducted on Dia’s web site in Spring 1996. Approximately 500 visitor’s took the survey. Dave Solder and Nina Mankin used the survey results to write music and lyrics for the Most Wanted and Most Unwanted songs.

I don’t see why the aesthetic of Most-Unwanted-Music shouldn’t take off as a movement of its own, parallel to the Flarf movement in poetry. Sure, musically it’s a different kind of painful experience when compared to Noise music, Free Jazz, or John Zorn’s more abrasive output–it is less about hurting your ears and more about hurting your taste; but it seems to me equally viable as an avant-garde approach to composition as any of these other forms.

One great thing about this is that you can listen to both compositions from the project for free. Check them out.

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